Islamophobia Justified? Unjustified?

Before coming to the article I would like to make you all know a bit about the meaning of the term 'Islamophobia"... so as the name says there are two constituents of this term namely (1) Islam, the supposedly religion of peace followed by millions worldwide and (2) phobia state of irrationally fearing anything........ which … Continue reading Islamophobia Justified? Unjustified?

Coloured Secularism

Pretty sure!! that none of you would have even noticed that this blog was drought stricken since past few months as I was busy jerking off to mallu porn which I stole from the PC of the other admin of this page so basically he is to be blamed for my failure. Fine!! that wasn't … Continue reading Coloured Secularism

Pseudo-Self is a Greasy Ditch

We live in a world where the pseudo intellectuals are​ given glorified recognition .........recognition by those who in one way or the other are benefited from them...... Now let me remind you the world of today is the way it is because of being operated by the intellectuals ...... Now we come to dumb people … Continue reading Pseudo-Self is a Greasy Ditch

Va’Lust’ine Day

​As you all know that I am an enormous idolater of love and hence my inner being motivated me to write an article on this global festival called Valentine's Day.Valentine's Day is about over enthusiastic females who have a strong desire for their man to kneel in front of them and to declare their love … Continue reading Va’Lust’ine Day

Devoted to Hypocrisy?

​Our motherland India is a home to a lot of men speaking different tongues having their own diversified beliefs, customs ,traditions.... This article is an attempt to find and cure one of the cause of the hatred people following different religion possess for each other(let's not be hypocrite here and admit there are people who … Continue reading Devoted to Hypocrisy?

The Modern Patrio-codes

मित्रों !! I don't want to alarm anybody but before you read this "crap" make sure that you're patriotic enough to label random people as "anti-nationals" and that you can question their definition of Patriotism without even having a dilute idea about yours. It is possible that you might feel a need to abuse me … Continue reading The Modern Patrio-codes

Embrace Solitude 

​There are people who we know.. there are people who may know us... there are people to whom we talk..   there are people who you consider your friends well they are more than 'people'.... No matter how close we may be to our friends... best friends...... But then there are people who know certain … Continue reading Embrace Solitude 


So what is it that makes a girl fall for a boy? Because it is quite obvious and natural for one sex to fall for the other,  that's just human nature, in fact human nature at its best..  So what is that makes a girl want to be with a guy at least if not … Continue reading Pseudo-Soulmates 

Indian Hypocrites

India is the second most populous country in the world.It is a place where language changes after about every 20 kms.Values,belief, and etiquettes are a part of Indian Culture thus making it unique.India is a diverse nation we have "Unity in Diversity".Many religions and cultures are flourishing in India but they don't create differences instead … Continue reading Indian Hypocrites